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Aleš Fevžer, opens its own archive. Do you need some photos, but you can't commit to a subscription? Look freely at the events for sale, calmly choose the photos you like, choose the resolution you need (low or original resolution) and insert the file in the cart in the desired format, like any online purchase. From the cart you can then add or remove photos at any time, and at the end, with a simple payment with Paypal or credit card, you will get the download of your files.
Warning! The purchase is allowed only for private, personal end editorial use. For commercial use you need to make additional contract

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Buying guide on Aleš Fevžer site.
Buying photos on Aleš Fevžer site is extremely simple.
  1. Login with your parameters
    • To enter you must have a username and password. At the top right, on the navigation bar, the button "Sign in" it is always available. It opens the login window, where you can also find the link to retrieve the parameters forgotten.
    • If you have not a username and password, is required to register.
  2. Browse the various collections and choose the photos you want.
  3. Click on the "Buy" button.

The purchase of the photographic material, either in the form of printing paper, either in the form of downloads (when available), takes place through credit card.

Shop options
  • Download Original resolution (70 €)
  • Download Low resolution (10 €)

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